About us

At Sky we believe in being a force for good, globally and locally. 

At the heart of our responsibility strategy is our passion to inspire high potential young people to be their best, and to give them the support for their talent to flourish.

Sky Academy Studios uses the power of TV and innovation to open young minds and develop young people’s Creativity, Collaboration and Communication.

What's on offer

Your free trip to Sky Academy Studios caters
for up to 32 students and includes:

  • A hands-on learning experience in which
    students will create their own TV content
  • A chance to work with our team of experts
    and cutting-edge technology
  • A screening of your video on the day and
    the chance to watch and share the video after your trip 
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of Sky

whats on offer.png

Be inspired

Your journey doesn’t stop here, we encourage teachers and young people to continue the journey and create their own content inspired by their time at Sky Academy Studios


It’s easy!

You can download all the resources you need
to plan your trip. We’ll provide:

  • Detailed Teacher Guide with information
    about your trip and how to prepare for it
  • Lesson Plan and support resources to kick
    off the experience in the classroom
  • Risk Assessment information
  • Parental Consent form