Fiction: Storytelling

Sky Academy Studios’ FICTION: offers a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for teachers and students. It’s a unique and innovative way to bring the curriculum to life, as students work together with talented professional studio staff in a bespoke TV studio to create their own video trailers.

How does FICTION:

Students can choose to develop their programme or film idea around the genre of: action, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror or sci-fi, allowing them to be as creative and imaginative as they can be. The preparatory classroom lesson focuses on idea generation, storyboarding and the concept of opposing characters and themes. At the studio, with the help of our expert team, students will further develop their story ideas within their chosen genres, discover how to make an attention grabbing trailer and learn to use  state-of-the-art technology to create their video trailers.

As well as the Sky Academy Studios key skills of Creativity, Collaboration and Communication, this experience also supports the English curriculum, specifically: fiction writing, composition, understanding of genre, character development and reviewing and refining their story ideas.   

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1. Choose your location

England - Osterley, West London

Scotland - Livingston, West Lothian

Find more details on the Find Us Page

2. Prepare for your day

Your visit to Sky

During your visit, students will receive a behind-the-scenes tour of Sky. We also give students the opportunity to get hands-on and use some cutting-edge technology, working with talented professional studio staff in a bespoke TV studio. All the technology is intuitive, easy-to-use and suitable for ages 8 and up. After working in four studio teams to create their trailer, the class will gather for a final screening of their work. Sky Academy Studios is designed to be a springboard for opening students’ minds and unlocking creativity.

Download the FICTION: Storytelling Teacher Guide for all the information you need about your visit and how to prepare for it, as well as information about the preparatory lesson plan and other supporting resources.

Download Teacher guide: Fiction - News and reporting (PDF)


3. Divide your group into four teams

Each team will be responsible for creating their own trailer based on your chosen genre, they will create their story ideas, storyboard and then film and edit their piece ready for broadcast

4. Choose your roles

Each member of the team will have an important role to play in creating their trailer, 

Download the Fiction Studio Roles  to help you organise this

Click each title to learn more about each role below



The Producer oversees the whole project and makes sure that it’s completed on time.



The Director manages the filming in the studio, giving direction and advice to the Actors in front of the camera.



The Scriptwriter creates the words that will work with the pictures to tell the story and keep viewers interested.



The Cinematographer is the visual storyteller. He or she decides what we see on screen, composes the shot, and records the action on the camera.



Actors express and perform the story in front of the camera, listening and responding to the advice of the Director. (If additional actors are needed for the story, other roles can double up.)

Special Effects Technician


The Special Effects Technician adds in the extra layers to make the story interesting and exciting. He or she oversees the sound design, score (music) and visual effects of the project.



The Editor reviews and selects green screen backdrops and voiceover videos on the touch screen edit table before recording and then edits all recorded takes after filming.

5. Behind the Scenes Tour

Our behind the scenes tour will take students into the world of work where they will see first-hand how our staff deliver incredible service to all our customers

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6. Work with Sky staff

Each group will be supported by a member of our team who’ll train them on the studio equipment and make sure they deliver their section of the programme in time for transmission. 


7. Use the latest in technology

We’re giving students the opportunity to get hands-on and use some cutting edge technology. All of our studios are kitted out with broadcast quality microphones and cameras that have been specially modified for use in Sky Academy Studios. We’ve also developed touch screen editing software that can be used to flick through the green screen backdrops available for your topic, drag and drop clips on to the timeline and crop them to size.  All of the technology we’ve designed is intuitive, easy to use and suitable for ages 8 and up. 


8. Watch your programme

Once each team has finished creating their trailer and sent it for transmission then your group will see their finished piece in the transmission area and we’ll send a copy for each student to share with parents or back at school.