For Parents

At Sky, we’re at the heart of millions of lives, which gives us a platform to have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. What we choose to do with this platform says everything about who we are. That’s why we’re guided by a clear purpose and values, which drive our broader contribution to society.

We believe in doing the right thing for our customers, our staff and our communities. That means being responsible in how we do business and acting on issues that matter. We also take the opportunity to reach beyond our business to inspire others to take action and support young people to be their best.

Through Sky Ocean Rescue, we’ve taken the critical issue, of the health of our oceans and identified that by inspiring action on plastics an area we can make a significant difference. Over the years, we’ve built a strong track record and we’re excited for what more we can do in the future.

We believe that doing business well is the only way to do business. That means being responsible in how we go about our business, acting on issues that matter, inspiring young people to be their best and inspiring others to take action.

Being an inspirational business 

  • Aim to be the most environmentally friendly media company in the world
  • Campaign for ocean health 
  • Aim to make all our products and services accessible to all our customers 
  • Set and adhere to the highest standards in our ways of working

Inspiring young people to be their best

  • Take high-potential young people and provide the support for their talent to flourish. We’re focused on the areas of sports, ocean health and technology
  • Inspire a broad range of young people about the media and the skills required to succeed, through Sky Academy Studios

Inspiring others to take action

  • Use the power of our voice and our reach into millions of homes to inspire others to take action on issues that matter to our customers
  • Inspire policy makers, NGOs, partners and schools to take action 
  • Inspire our 30,000 employees across Europe to join in.

We take high potential young people and support them to thrive.

Last year we added Sky Women in Tech and Sky Ocean Rescue to our scholars programme across our European markets. These provide a unique combination of financial support, personal development, learning, mentoring and practical experience of the world beyond their area of expertise.

We’re also continue to open young minds to the amazing world of media and entertainment through Sky Academy Studios and our support for the MAMA Youth project.

Sky Sports Scholars

We’re committed to supporting sports at all levels and with Sky Sports Scholarships, we’re now supporting 12 of Europe’s most promising young athletes to be the best they can be. The Scholarship programme has opened its doors to athletes from a wider range of sports this year and for the first time, includes Scholars specialising in tennis, modern pentathlon and climbing.


MAMA Youth

The MAMA Youth Project provides media and entertainment industry training for 18-25 year olds from under-represented groups. Over the last year, we supported 24 young people through an intensive training programme, as well as work experience placements with us and our partners. 98% of the project’s graduates have gone on to work in the media. Last year, MAMA Youth moved into a permanent home at our Osterley campus. This means a closer working relationship and opportunities such as a partnership with CPL, a production company that work on our A League of Their Own, who will now provide production support to MAMA Youth.