Times have changed, life has changed, what hasn't changed is the power of our words. Let poetry be your voice.

To celebrate World Poetry Day we would like you to express how you are feeling in the most challenging of times #keepconnected.

What's on offer:

Life has changed for everyone, but the power of words hasn’t changed. To celebrate World Poetry Day on 21st March, we want to inspire students to express themselves with their words. We want them to write a poem.

  • Build creativity, communication and collaboration skills essential for the future workplace
  • We want young people to have room for self expression and create mental wellness
  • Teaching them the  basis of spoken language with song, rhymes and story creation

Prizes for poems

Our new competition invites young people to learn the foundations of poetry writing. We’d like them to think about their thoughts and feelings during lockdown, and to express them in a poem. Our three-part video will guide them in their writing.

Here’s what they could win:

  • Their poetry featured in a Cento commissioned by Apples and Snakes
  • Their poetry featured in a broadcast on a Sky channel
  • A certificate for their poem

What is a cento?

A cento is a piece of poetry made up of verses or passages by a number of poets. It can become a huge piece.

Apples and Snakes supports performance poetry and spoken word in the UK. Find out more here.