By Max Zimmer

Last Updated: 04/04/2019, 13:53GMT

On Tuesday the 12th of March, we welcomed Imogen Napper, a Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar, to join us as part of British Science Week!

Imogen Napper Visit

Imogen, a PhD student at Plymouth University, is investigating how effective new technologies are at capturing released synthetic micro plastic fibres from domestic washing machines. She hopes this will reduce plastic pollution and save our oceans! Imogen allowed all of the students to be immersed into the topic of Sky Ocean Rescue and enhance the experience by allowing them to ask her questions about her experience, work and future endeavours. 

As part of the factual news report session we offer, Studio 4 takes on the challenge of an expert interview. In case of the Sky Ocean Rescue topic, experts often include marine biologists, or a company executive responsible for the production of a lot of plastic. During Imogen’s visit, she jumped into the role of expert and enhanced the whole experience for the students from Dykehead Primary and St Monica’s Primary by helping with script writing, and effortlessly demonstrating natural sounding responses to interview questions.