By Ellie Anderson

Last Updated: 17/09/2019, 14:08GMT

Our next date release is set for September 25th at 12 noon for sessions in December, January and February and here at Sky Academy Studios we have introduced some exciting technology developments into our experiences over the summer!

Have you tried our Future Experience? The addition of the drawingboard feature allows for even more creativity when producing your group Vlog. It can be used to doodle a colourful mind map of ideas or even illustrate your solution to the Sky Challenge!  To help capture your idea process you can make use of our roaming cameras to log the progress of your team or even take an opportunity to step outside the studios and see how the surroundings at Sky can inspire your team.

How about using the latest voice over tool during the Fiction Experience to add a tension building narration to your very own movie clips. You can introduce the main character with the help of titleslides and sound effects, then, once the final special effects are added, don’t forget to make sure the whole team get a mention in the closing credits!

Set a reminder for our date release September 25th 12noon for your chance to bring your ideas from script to screen, !