Last Updated: 11/02/2021, 11:21GMT

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Safer Internet Day 2021 celebrates the amazing range of information and opportunities online, and its potential to inform, connect and inspire us, whilst also looking at how young people can separate fact from fiction.  

Sky are supporting Safer Internet Day and young people at Bolder Academy by giving them the tools to question, challenge and change the online world.  

‘The safer internet day film Sky have put together gives a wonderful insight into news reporting, as well as reinforcing messages around staying safe online. Coupled with this, students have the opportunity to dig deeper by completing a research task Sky have provided, fact checking media stories and assessing their reliability and validity. With students spending so much time online, and even more so in the current climate, this has been an excellent resource to use with Years 7-9 at the Academy.’ Adam Bones, Deputy Headteacher, Bolder Academy. 

‘This has opened our eyes to opportunities of things we could potentially look into in the future.’ Year 8 student, Bolder Academy.

We want to give young people the digital skills to support one another and the strategies to spot and speak out against harmful and misleading content online.