By Matthew Kerr

Last Updated: 04/04/2019, 13:42GMT

On 20th February 2019 the schools and staff at Sky Academy Livingston were joined by Sky Sports Scholar, Samantha ‘Sammi’ Kinghorn. Sammi is a Paralympian and a double World Champion and even holds the record for being the fastest ever British female across all of her main events.

The students participated in a live Q&A with Sammi which saw her answering a range of questions including, ‘what are your favourite foods?’ and ‘where in the world has your training taken you?’. Sammi was happy to answer all the questions from the children and even passed around all of her medals. The classes also got a chance to look at Sammi’s racing chair and helmet while she explained the dynamics and how even the smallest changes could help her go faster. 

Sammi was very motivating with both classes that she met and encouraged them to work hard at what they love to do. She proved to us all that no matter what your circumstances hard work can always get you where you want to be.