By Ellie Anderson

Last Updated: 04/04/2019, 09:45GMT

On Friday, 15th March Science Boffins presented amazing science sessions and events packed with jaw dropping scientific experiments

Science Boffins

On the final day of British Science Week, we invited Science Boffin Stephanie along to help us bring the magic of outer space to life for the pupils from St John the Baptist and Carolside Primary schools. Stephanie hosted engaging and informative sessions where pupils learned about our solar system, how stardust is made and even had an opportunity at making their own consolations. This was a great way to introduce some informative facts for the pupils to carry on into their news report in the following studio sessions. 

Within the news reporting session, Stephanie was more than happy to get involved with the final studio group in which she participated as a real expert for our pupil reporters to interview. They were interested to know what her favourite science experiments were and how she ended up in a science based profession which she answered clearly and confidently.