By Ellie Anderson

Last Updated: 04/04/2019, 09:38GMT

In support of British Science Week we welcomed 14 classes to our Livingston Studios to create news reports focussing on 4 science related topics.

Science Week: 11th-15th March 2019

Our ‘Natural Disasters’ topic allowed the pupils to discuss the causes and effects of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Some groups considered the preventative measures that are taken by communities now and how we can use technology to predict these disasters and provide warnings. 

Alongside this, students used the ‘Future of Technology’ topic to consider how advancements in technology will continue to affect our everyday lives. Will robots soon replace teachers? 

We also asked some pupils for their thoughts on single-use plastic. This knowledge helped them compile their ‘Ocean Rescue’ report which considered how far plastic waste travels and how our marine life are effected. During the week, two of our classes were lucky enough to have a Q&A with Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar Imogen Napper. 

We were also joined by Science Boffins to explore the ‘Space Travel’ topic. Some classes questioned if humans could ever live on Mars while others explored what it is like to live on the International Space Station. 

We hope our fun science sessions inspired some future scientists!