Last Updated: 13/03/2020, 14:54GMT

As you may know, the UK government yesterday published its Coronavirus Action Plan which detailed the principles that governmental and private sector organisations should take to prepare for the growing possibility of a serious disease outbreak in the coming months. 
Sky has carefully considered the governments Coronavirus Action Plan ,which looks to contain the outbreak, therefore as of Monday the 9th of March the decision has been made to stop all visits to Sky Academy Studios until Monday 4th May. 
This decision has been made at the highest level and was not made lightly but rather with the well being of all who could potentially be impacted in mind.
We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience for any group who has had their trip affected and in the coming weeks will communicate our action plan for all bookings impacted and will endeavour to reschedule your trip.
Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.