Design a Secret Garden Competition

To celebrate the release of The Secret Garden, a Sky Original film, in cinemas and on Sky Cinema October 23, we’ve teamed up with the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) to offer this exciting opportunity for young gardeners and visionaries to take part in an exclusive competition

We would like young people to imagine they have discovered the gates to a hidden, secret garden and to let us know what it looks like.

They can choose how they would like to showcase their garden. 

Perhaps they would like to draw or paint their design, create a collage or model, or even plant up a miniature version of it.


The Competition

Clambering through the overgrown trees and bushes, you come across a set of tall glistening gates. You put your hand into your pocket and pull out the heavy iron key you found hidden in some rocks. Could it be?

You carefully place the key inside the lock and turn…

Buzzing with excitement, you push the heavy gates and with a loud creak they slowly open. You step through the gates and gasp at the view of your secret garden…

What does it look like? What features and plants can you see? Draw, paint or construct your garden idea so we can see your imagination come to life.


To enter:

This competition is now closed, winners will be announced on the 17th December. Head over to the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website to find out more about this exciting opportunity. 


The winner will have the chance to see their garden, or elements of it, brought to life either in their school or in a community space. The winner and runners up will also win a movie goody bag. 

Terms & Conditions of the competition and the privacy policy can be found at:

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